Electronic Press Kit

If you are interested in working with Waked Lunch on a film, or booking booking them for a show, private event, or speaking engagement, please view our full EPK hosted by Reverbnation at:



The Reverbnation EPK, or RPK, lists fan stats, info on Waked Lunch, biography, pictures, music, past events, the press Waked Lunch has received, videos, and more.

Dickies Commercial, featuring Waked Lunch's "Trapped"

You may have noticed, "Trapped," is not available on any of our 3 studio albums... that means, it will be featured on Waked Lunch's newest album, "Trapped OST," coming later this year, in 2013. Yup, that's right, we are going to be releasing another album to fill your ears!

Waked Lunch's NEW track, "Barona," can be heard here, in this short, directed by Pedro Baron.

You guessed it! More NEW music from Waked Lunch. "Barona," will be featured on Waked Lunch's second , non-soundtrack album, that is yet to be titled. The album is expected to be released in 2021!

Do you have a suggestion for our next album title? If so, click HERE, and shoot us an e-mail to tell us all about it.

Waked Lunch Live at the Electro-Music Festival, NY

Photos courtesy of Hong Waltzer