Our Modalities Include:
*Swedish Massage Therapy
This modality forms the basis of most massage in the United States and consists of a variety of smooth strokes using cream or oil. 
Acupressure relies on the foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the meridian system to pinpoint powerful acupoints within the body. When static pressure is applied to these points the effect can be profoundly healing and includes a variety of benefits from muscle release to a deep sense of calm and wellbeing. 
*Myofascial Release Therapy
Myofascial release seeks to free up the fascial layer, a connective tissue that wraps the muscles, and thus give the body room to experience postural change, muscle release, and healing. 
*Deep Tissue Bodywork
Deep tissue massage takes Swedish to the next level by using more pressure thus accessing deeper muscle groups and trigger points for deeper healing.
*Pre and Postnatal Massage Therapy
Prenatal massage adapts a traditional massage therapy to the unique needs of the pregnant body using a sidelying position, multiple bolsters and cushions, and special techniques to achieve maximum comfort and improved wellbeing. 
Aromatherapy is a clinically proven way to access and improve mental and emotional states. Pure essential oils are diffused allowing clients to relax deeply, reduce stress, and experience a shift in perspective. 
*Thai Massage
Thai Massage is the traditional bodywork of Thailand. This unique modality uses gentle stretching techniques to help muscles release allowing clients greater mobility and flexibility.

  • 30 minute massage - $65
  • 60 minute massage - $90
  • 75 minute massage - $105
  • 90 minute massage - $125
  • package of three 60 minute massages - $265
While gratuities are accepted, they are never expected, tipping is optional.



**Except in cases of illness or other emergency, sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will still be charged the full session fee.